Cultivating Compassion <br>and Unity Consciousness <br> Rose van Ooijen

Cultivating Compassion
and Unity Consciousness
Rose van Ooijen

All levels

Saturday Stage 3
2:00 – 2:45 PM

In these unprecedented times, it seems more important than ever for humanity to unite; to join together with kindness for each other, as well as ourselves. We’ll start by exploring how we can create an internal landscape of compassion: one that extends to our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and all other parts of our being. Then, we’ll look at how we can naturally allow that to expand out towards the rest of the world and the people around us. We’ll also discuss how we can live in awareness of ‘unity consciousness’ – the idea that we are all one and all interconnected – in a way that will improve the quality of our relationships, our empathy and joy. We’ll finish with a short meditation to process and ground what we’ve explored.

Teacher: Rose van Ooijen

Location: Netherlands

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