Breath is Boss <br> Meghan Currie

Breath is Boss
Meghan Currie

Strong, Slow flow

Saturday Stage 1
10:45 – 11:45 PM

Breath: the force that animates us from the moment we arrive until the moment we transition and is with us every moment, every step, of the journey of our life. Breathing is so automatic and ‘regular’ that it can largely go unnoticed, its effects becoming unrealized or taken for granted. By becoming increasingly aware of this animating force, we can intensify the potency of each moment and conduct greater awareness, appreciation and enjoyment in our life.  Through simple breath work and conscious breath-flow movement, an intimate and inspiring conversation is lit; a dialogue we can tap into at any time that will always bring us to the here and now.  

Teacher: Meghan Currie
Location: Bali

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