Individualized, Breath-Centered<br> Yoga: Inquiry and Technique <br>in The Age of The Internet <br>Leslie Kaminoff

Individualized, Breath-Centered
Yoga: Inquiry and Technique
in The Age of The Internet
Leslie Kaminoff

All levels

Sunday Stage 1
7:00 – 8:30 PM

Inquiry and technique – are the “Sukha” and “Sthira” of teaching methodology, and both must be present in some balanced proportion in the classroom, whether in-person or online. Inquiry without technique leads to chaos just as assuredly as technique without inquiry leads to dogma. Students feel safest, and have the most enriching learning experiences when their teacher establishes a good balance between these two principles. This class will utilize a series of guided breath-centered interactive explorations that will illustrate how a group of any size – live or online – can have a rich, individualized experience of yoga.

Teacher: Leslie Kaminoff
Location: New York

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