The Magic of Somatic Yoga <br>Lisa Petersen

The Magic of Somatic Yoga
Lisa Petersen

All levels

Sunday Stage 3
10:00 – 11:30 AM

What is Somatics and what does it has to offer yoga? This class explores how to use Somatic exercises as a warm-up and an exquisitely intelligent preparation to balance muscles/fascia and align bones and joints. We will focus on side bends: what it means to have a right and left side, how our sides ‘talk’ to our midline, and how these relationships create both stability and mobility in asana. Learn how to align yourself from the inside out and discover ease, freedom and flexible strength. We will ‘grow’ the Somatic exercises into simple yoga asana including short flows and standing poses. Bring a curious mind, a willingness to explore, and an open hearted love of movement.

Teacher: Lisa Petersen

Location: Ireland

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