Science of Yoga for Balance <br>Ann Swanson

Science of Yoga for Balance
Ann Swanson

Yoga Therapy
All Levels

Saturday Stage 3
5:45 – 6:45 PM

The most vital tool you can have is the ability to “fall gracefully.” This adaptability is necessary when physically falling to catch yourself instead of stiffening up and risking injury. Learning to fall – and fail – with grace is also key to facing life’s everyday challenges. In this class, you’ll build your balance while applying the science of yoga. Ann will explain the science behind the 3 mechanisms of balance, as well as the importance of both static and dynamic balance, while you experience it in your own body. Practice falling with grace and resilience!
For videos of the practices from class and images explaining the science of balance, head to Ann’s website.

Teacher: Ann Swanson

Location: USA

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